Reliable Free Image Storage


For those who want to have a reliable FREE storage for their system photos try I tried others but they “timed out” on their “free” and images were inaccessible to viewers after a short time. This one is different and so far has been reliable and truly free.
The interface is a little difficult to get URL references from but with a little effort can be mastered. On initial upload the URL for both a thumbnail and full size is available in a single reference line which appears shortly after upload. To get the reference later requires a little pointing and clicking and then comes as a Java type imbed line but the URL reference is there you just have to strip away all the imbedding characters. The reference you use should be of the form: “http:\xxxx.jpg” where the x’s are all the characters in between the \ and the .jpg. You won’t be able to copy just that part but only the whole imbed reference. Just copy that and paste it into a text editor and retain the URL reference.

Usable reference:

where the “xxxxxx” will be some random numbers and characters identifying the exact image you have stored like those in this example. the “_o” designates the original and “_t” denotes a thrumbnail…be sure to use the original by clicking on “Full Size” button before copying the reference. Your selection will appear in grey as seen above.

Hope this works for you.