Recalculating import energy - from a lazy user

I sometimes have problems with my meter properly recording the usage on a particular day. My generation figures are always recoverable from my inverter so no problem with generation data.
To keep my records straight I update the missing daily consumption figures by estimating for energy used and generation exported, but in order to balance everything up I need to do the sums:
Consumption - Generation + Export to find the right figure for imported energy.

Call me lazy, but would it be possible for the system to recalculate the figure for import maybe with a “recalculate figures” button like we have for Time of use/credits etc?

It would make any manual updating so much easier.

Alternatively since they should always balance could this be done whenever we manually imput dat for a given day?

I suggest it should only recalculate when the user has ensured the import figure is set to zero, just in case someone wants them not to balance for some reason.

Possible, but any import would be attributed to ‘Peak’

This wouldn’t worry me but I suppose as a refinement users could enter a figure in Off-Peak and leave the balancing sum to be Peak giving maximum flexibility but keeping the sums right.

A recalculate button has been added next to Import Peak that will update the input using -

Import Peak = Energy Used - Generation + Export - Import Off Peak - Import Shoulder - Import High Shoulder


Hey thanks BB only just seen this… from lazy user!