Recalculate daily consumption

Sometimes I have an issue where sbfspot doesn’t upload my invertor data for a couple of days. When it does I always endup with a plot like the one below. I’ve tried clicking on recalculate on the daily tab but it doesn’t seem to recalculate what the actual energy used is for the day. Is there a way to recalculate the value for past days?

‘Recalculate’ will only update the daily balance with the current credit/debit rates.

The consumption data would need to be corrected and re-uploaded.

Thanks - The Net usage data comes from WattVision with the solar from smbspot. Normally PVoutput does that net calculation for me (i.e. I never upload the consumption data). Would I need to find a way to manually calculate the consumption or does PVoutput already have that data and could recalculate it in a similar way to how it does it in real-time (or that day - I’ve noticed it fixes the current day).

Sorry, missed this key comment. The consumption is calculated by combining both the net data from wattvision and the inverter data. The net data is only retained for 24hrs, so if the inverter data is delayed more than this period then you will run into this issue.

The 24hr retention period will be increased to around 5-7 days in the future.

For automatic re-calculation, the net data would need to be re-uploaded which would be difficult with the wattvision.