Reading missing from 45 minutes past the hour

No reading from 45 minutes past the hour BUT in the mornings it drops to zero. Any ideas?

07/03/21 11:00AM 9.351kWh 1.470kWh/kW 4,549W 4,548W 0.715kW/kW 5.869kWh 1,088W
07/03/21 10:45AM 8.214kWh 1.292kWh/kW 0W 0W 0.000kW/kW 5.597kWh 0W
07/03/21 10:40AM 8.214kWh 1.292kWh/kW 4,386W 4,392W 0.691kW/kW 5.597kWh 1,055W
07/03/21 10:35AM 7.848kWh 1.234kWh/kW 4,294W 4,296W 0.675kW/kW 5.509kWh 1,070W
07/03/21 10:30AM 7.490kWh 1.178kWh/kW 4,266W 4,272W 0.672kW/kW 5.420kWh 1,118W
07/03/21 10:25AM 7.134kWh 1.122kWh/kW 4,201W 4,200W 0.660kW/kW 5.327kWh 1,276W
07/03/21 10:20AM 6.784kWh 1.067kWh/kW 4,146W 4,152W 0.653kW/kW 5.22kWh 1,177W
07/03/21 10:15AM 6.438kWh 1.012kWh/kW 4,086W 4,092W 0.643kW/kW 5.123kWh 551W
07/03/21 10:10AM 6.097kWh 0.959kWh/kW 3,984W 3,984W 0.626kW/kW 5.077kWh 642W
07/03/21 10:05AM 5.765kWh 0.906kWh/kW 3,940W 3,936W 0.619kW/kW 5.023kWh 725W
07/03/21 10:00AM 5.437kWh 0.855kWh/kW 3,866W 3,868W 0.608kW/kW 4.93kWh,014W
07/03/21 9:45AM 4.470kWh 0.703kWh/kW 0W 0W 0.000kW/kW 3.709kWh 0W
07/03/21 9:40AM 4.470kWh 0.703kWh/kW 3,586W 3,588W 0.564kW/kW 3.709kWh 321W
07/03/21 9:35AM 4.171kWh 0.656kWh/kW 3,478W 3,480W 0.547kW/kW 3.682kWh 450W
07/03/21 9:30AM 3.881kWh 0.610kWh/kW 3,339W 3,336W 0.525kW/kW 3.644kWh 465W
07/03/21 9:25AM 3.603kWh 0.567kWh/kW 3,279W 3,276W 0.515kW/kW 3.605kWh 316W
07/03/21 9:20AM 3.330kWh 0.524kWh/kW 3,204W 3,204W 0.504kW/kW 3.579kWh 328W
07/03/21 9:15AM 3.063kWh 0.482kWh/kW 3,096W 3,096W 0.487kW/kW 3.552kWh 442W
07/03/21 9:10AM 2.805kWh 0.441kWh/kW 2,089W 2,088W 0.328kW/kW 3.515kWh 519W
07/03/21 9:05AM 2.631kWh 0.414kWh/kW 2,896W 2,892W 0.455kW/kW 3.472kWh 325W
07/03/21 9:00AM 2.390kWh 0.376kWh/kW 2,771W 2,772W 0.436kW/kW 3.445kWh 331W
07/03/21 8:45AM 1.697kWh 0.267kWh/kW 0W 0W 0.000kW/kW 3.362kWh 0W
07/03/21 8:40AM 1.697kWh 0.267kWh/kW 2,426W 2,424W 0.381kW/kW 1,036W
07/03/21 8:35AM 1.495kWh 0.235kWh/kW 2,154W 2,160W 0.340kW/kW

Possibly exceeded the API limit for the hour, max is 60 per hour.