Raspberry Pi Collector for Enphase Envoy


I wanted to throw an idea I am considering and get some feedback. Like many it really annoys me that Enphase now charges to see our own data if we want the extended app (Enlighten) that provides per panel detail. The free app is a joke. They also recently changed the polling to 15 minute intervals from 5 and while some people have been successful getting them to provide 5 minute data intervals, others have not. I am considering building a collector using a Raspberry Pi that would pull the data directly from the Envoy unit and submit it directly into PVOUTPUT thru the API eliminating the need to take the data from Enphase’s cloud and feed it into PVOUTPUT. I have seen a few postings regarding the use of a Raspberry Pi but none specific to pulling data from the Envoy unit (or I missed it). I cannot think of any reason why this would not be feasible? Feedback appreciated.


Earlier versions of the PVOutput Integration Service read directly from the Envoy before Enlighten API was released.

It should be pretty straight forward to make a lightweight Python script that will download from Envoy and upload to PVOutput.


Did you make any progress with this endeavor you could share?