Rankings, "SEEN" column always shows "Yesterday"


In all pages where there is a “SEEN” column, my system is shown as reporting “Yesterday”.
I have a R-PI uploading my data in 5 minute increments, and detailed generation page always shows the correct local date and time for the uploads. I has been like this since original account set up.

I am sure it is due to something in the setup of my system, but cannot figure out what it may be. I see other systems in the continental USA, some of which also show “Yesterday”, but some show Today".
Does anyone have a clue where I might look to fix this? My system name is VGS78596. Screen shot below.

Here is a screen shot of my system set up relating to time zone. Wondering is this should be set to GMT since the PI already does the time offset functions.


I believe that’s because it is relative to the date in Australia. We are one day behind them…hence, yesterday.


I have thought that also, but I do see some systems between GMT westward to the International date line that do show “Today”, so I know it can be done. There must be something in the setup that is affecting “Seen” backwards on the site relative to the data dumps Date/Timestamps.


Most of Australia is GMT+10. Here on the West coast we are at GMT-8 so we are 18 hours different (behind) and before midnight we are one day behind (yesterday). However, for the remaining 6 hours we will be on the same day (today). On the East coast the difference is 15 hours behind and for 9 hours before midnight they are the same day.


Here is a screen shot of USA members. They are scattered across the USA as you can see from the Zip codes. Some are tagged Yesterday and some are Today.


You are right but the majority are Yesterday. Here are the PV systems around your area code and they are majority Yesterday. You are #20. I guess that would support your theory that it is caused by a setting. I also noticed that I am showing my system is Today and neighboring systems on the West coast are about 50:50. Then I checked on the East coast and they are majority Today.


I have updated my Live Settings Timesone from UTC-6 America Chicago to UTC+0 GMT.
I will see what happens tomorrow as things roll over. Local interval does not seem to be affected by the change.


Changing you time zone will affect some calculations such as insolation. It won’t hurt to see what the effects are.


You are correct. Changing to GMT threw off the insolation curve plot by 6 hours, and did nothing for the original issue.
HOWEVER, after looking at those continental USA systems showing Today, versus Yesterday, I think I see the issue.
My system (and others tagged Yesterday I looked at) only report data from sunrise to sunset (AKA real generation data) and nothing before or after. Systems showing Today however, are showing detailed data (Even if generation is zero) both before and after the sunrise and sunset periods. (And I assume yours is doing the same).

By your logic earlier in the thread, my last reported data frame is “Yesterday” in relation to PVOUT local time. So this is not a really a problem in reporting or settings, just relative perception of the time differences, and when or how much data is being passed.