Random values on V7

Iam trying to keep a graph of my battery levels in %


However when i refresh the page there is a “-” (dash)

ok, so i refresh there is a correct value of 44%

i refresh again

So why is it 44.000% and not 44% ?
And why is it random values?

I am sending this every 5 min =>

array ( ‘d’ => ‘20220529’, ‘t’ => ‘10:59’, ‘v7’ => ‘44’, )

What is wrong?

I’m not sure about your other issue but you can alter the number of places after the decimal by changing ‘Decimals’ from ‘None’

You may also want to graph your v7 on an axis that has a maximum of ‘100’ and not on an axis related to POWER or ENERGY unless you have a very low output inverter.

Ive done that (decimals to 0) still does not explain why i get 44.000 while im sending only 44

i am only sending 2 numbers, not 3 like XX not XX.X

Can you verify that Decimals is ‘0’? In the past I’ve forgotten to press the save button after making a change. Also if there is an error somewhere on the screen - elsewhere. The change(s) will not be saved.

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The extended values all have the same number of decimal places, the default is 3.

Note that timestamps are rounded to the nearest 5 minutes, the above would register for 11:00, a value sent for 10:42 will overwrite any previous data for 10:40.

Yes that fixed it; however when i was at page

pvoutput.org/extended.jsp?p=0&id=xxxx&sid=XXXXX it would show XX%

when i was at page

pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=xxxx&sid=xxxx&dt=20220529 it would show XX.XXX%