Random usage spikes in PVOutput


Thanks BB, will give it a shot.


There were only 18 entries to fix, so I just did it manually as below:

Go to solarweb, and note down the following:
Time Power Usage(watts)

02:05,345 etc

Do this for the missing hour of data, as well as for the four intervals where you have the spikes.
On the top meyu of PVOutput, select “Add Output”, and at the bottom of this page select “live loader”
Set the load page like below:

Select the date you want to populate
Enable just Time and Power Consumed, with Power Consumed set to W (watts) and Position 2, and then just type the values into the Entry box as:

Add the entries for the incorrect spikes as well as this will replace those as well.
Once you have typed in the missing and corrected entries, click on the “Validate” button at the bottom of the page. The entered data will be checked, and if all good you will see a list of the entries that will be replaced. If all is correct choose “Upload” and the current missing interval for yesterday will be populated, and the spiky data will be corrected. Give it a few minutes to load, then check yesterday morning’s data. It should now have the spikes fixed, as well as populating the hour of missing data.

If the data has now been fixed, and you want to correct any calculated usage costs, go to the daily view, and enable the tick box on the left hand side for yesterday’s data. Under the daily graph, click on “more” to show further options, one of which is “Recalculate” This will recalculate the data for yesterday after the corrections for incremental totals, costs and savings.


My time zone is different to cammo’s but we had exactly the same missing time data interval of an hour and very similar spike data over the following hour.


Hi again BB,
No luck at all with that method, no changes to spikes or missing hour of data. I’m guessing the data should have automatically pushed?
Think the manual method Decibel suggested would be the only other option?


This is to only allow the raw Fronius data to be captured for analysis, it does not fix the issue.


Oh ok, where would I find this raw data after capture?


The raw data is sent to PVOutput not saved on your local system. Data was received for your system on the 08/09 and 09/09 but looking at your graph there does not appear to be any spikes.

PVOutput simply processes the data received from Fronius, the spikes are the result of the data being provided by Fronius.


Thanks BB - I’ve gone in and manually edited out the spikes yesterday. Appreciate all your great work, loving PVOutput!


Cammo, glad you were able to clean out the spikes. I concur, the community here is outstanding.


If you get another day with spikes re-enable the froniuslog push so the raw data can be analysed, but it needs to be done on the night of the same day otherwise we will miss it.