Random entry in my live data

I see a similar post from July of 2023 titled editing live data that would be a solution.

I have one entry in my data that shows almost 533 kW of power generation after sunset. I have deleted the whole day and did a live upload of data exported from my system.

The anomalous data does not exist in my exported data, but after I import my data, the spike still appears in my data.

If I could select that one entry and delete it, I would be golden. But all I can do is delete the whole day and reupload, but the anomaly shows up again.

Any idea how to get rid of this one entry that doesn’t want to go away?


go to live loader and create a fake entry for just that time. make sure you select the correct system and date etc at the top

change the 00:00 to the time it displays the wrong value…