Rainforest Eagle drops Cloud connection


Hi, for the last couple of days my Rainforest Eagle (4 light version), keeps dropping the Cloud connection to PVOutput. I am using the same URL I have been using for years.


I keep getting an http 400 error on the Eagle. Most of the time is successfully reconnects but occasionally it goes into a hung state. Open to suggestions as I have not seen this before.


The 400 error from PVOutput means the data was received but was invalid.

The response text reports the cause of the problem, usually missing timestamp or demand data - does the Eagle capture this?


I am pretty sure my Eagle is on its last leg. I suspect it is sending bad packets. While it is maintaining its connection to the meter, it is behaving strangely on the LAN and frequently needs to be reset. Now I need to decide if it is really worth purchasing another one. Problem definitely appears on my end. Sorry about the false alarm.