Rainforest Automation Eagle-200 timestamp Revisited

UPDATE 2/23/2022 RFA Support came through and found an error in how the Eagle200 data is processed. The Eagle200 push data now has the correct local time stamp and displays properly on the PVOutput graphs. Thanks RFA Support.

I implemented the Fronius Inverter Push and it seems to be working fine. Data displayed matches data I receive from Fronius Solar.web.
The Eagle-200 data from RFA Push also gets added in but the Timecode is UTC rather than US/Pacific, my local time. So the 2 data streams don’t line up (obviously).
The web based RFA Portal push setup allows 3 input parameters, Destination - PVOutput, System ID, and the API key. Nothing about local timestamp. RFA Support not helpful.
Just saw the post from Nov '17 regarding Eagle200 timestamp issue. The way around it is to send eagle200 data to Wattvision, then Wattvision to PVOutput. Works fine.

The various graphs in PVOutput are really useful. Thanks.