Question / Feedback about addstatus.jsp

Hi ( @bankstownbloke )

I have a question about the API call addstatus.jsp. Specifically in relation to the expected values for v1 and v3.

In the absence of the ‘c1’ flag do the values for v1 and v3 represent ‘interval’ values i.e. the number of Wh since the previous push or something else?

Where c1 is set to ‘1’ the help says ‘lifetime energy values’ but in the very next sentence it says that ‘Consumption and generation energy is [ are? ] reset to 0 at the start of the day’. Does this mean that the API call addstatus.jsp should be pushing daily ENERGY figures only i.e. starts at zero each day and rises to MAX 24 hours later. Or that PVO accepts lifetime figures ( that rise forever from ‘0’ ) and internally subtracts the previous days final figure from the current day?

In the paragraph headed ‘Power and Energy Calculation’ within the section on addstatus.jsp it states

Power and Energy Calculation

Power can energy values can be derived from one another. When a system sends only power values v2 and v4 the corresponding energy values are automatically calculated.

Similarly when only energy values v1 and v3 are sent, PVOutput will calculate the average power.

Should the sentence begin “Power and energy values” rather than “Power can energy values”


Without cumulative “c1” the energy values v1 and v3 represent the energy generated / consumed since the start of the day.

Both these values should be reset to 0 on each new day by the uploader.

Thanks for the clarification.