Question about energy import only comparison


hi, is it possible to use the 12 days ago settings in the compare field to compare imported energy only in the same way as we can compare consumption, energy and efficiency in the time of use view screen, i use time of use view to see how much i have imported and wood like to compare month by month etc please thanks jim

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It isn’t possible to compare export / import at the moment, but would be a useful feature to have.

Changing this to an Idea for future implementation.

Import comparisons for total, peak and off-peak is now available.

Comparison options can be selected from the Customise link.

The To selection makes it easier to switch between different periods.




Hi BB thanks for this, i am unable to get the drop down box with Import in it only a time of use box,
what i s the path i need to follow to use this in monthly view please, thank you Jim

You Access the Customise graphics when you select any of daily, monthly, or yearly displays. Here is a comparison of Monthly and Yearly for my system. Selecting Daily or Yearly will show the same comparison. We don’t have air conditioning but we do some heating in the Winter months. I designed my system to produce enough energy in Winter to meet my Consumption. Note we have reduced or total consumption each year. 2016 has only two months of data.

Just like jimdcollie, I don’t see the Compare or To choices in any of my Customise links either.

this is all see,not the drop down box you and BB shown shown, sorry |Display|Standard Generation vs Export Consumption vs Import Generation vs Consumption Detailed Time of Use|
| — | — |
|Zoom|Horizontal Both None|
|Graph Size|Standard Wide Narrow Fit Width|
|Graph Type|Column Area Line|
|Records| (max 60)|
|Hide Icons|
|Hide Rankings|
|Hide Target Line|
|Blurb Links|
NO IMPORT listing on the drop down list
So now i see the axcess path is use 12 days ago Jim

The ‘Compare to n days ago’ comparison should already be displayed for either Generation or Consumption, then you can switch to Import via the customise link.

That worked just fine. Thanks bankstownbloke.