Qs-wifi-ct02 meter

anyone using a Tuya Smart Life WiFi Energy Meter qs-wifi-ct02 that they can access the data?
I cant find any information about it at all and unable to access the api to get the data out. can only see in in the tuya app.

Dit you read this site?


No I did not.
I was searching for the model.
I also had it running via smart home app so that didn’t net any results. Didn’t even realise it was a tyua product.
Hopefully that gets me somewhere looks to be Home Assistant but I’ll see what I can do.



i’m using the home assitant solution which I have running on a raspberry pi. its a bit of work to get setup, but it’s neat coz you can then access the data from the devices. I have one of these setup to monitor the power draw of the house and the power input from the inverter. so draw + inverter = house demand. and using templates lets you show all these useful figures on the dashboard of the home assitant solution. plus you get neat graphs.

i think short of reflashing the firmware to tasmota you would have to use something like the above or the home assistant localTuya plugins.