Python Script for Raspberry Pi

Can anyone point me to a source for the Python scripts needed to use a Raspberry Pi to collect Powerwall data for PVOutput?

Note, Tesla recently “fixed” their MAC address vendor bytes so if you have hardwired the gateway IP in your router for API access with the above it may suddenly break. Like mine did, when you go to 1.42.1 firmware.

Thanks for both of those pointers Pete.

I have an openenergy monitor which uses a raspberry pi + arduino combination on one board and works well for me.

Thanks for the link, @kereugen, looks like good bedtime reading! I’ll work on it. I might become an IT expert one day!

Mike, you could try to adapt this here: I wrote it for my PV system using SMA Sunny Boy inverters. If you‘re facing issues, please let me know.

Many thanks @jobe3774. I’ll check that out. It’s work in progress at the moment and I’ve got to find time to do it, but thanks for the offer to help with issues. If I need to I’ll take you up on that.