Python, MQTT and uploading to PVOutput

Hi there.
I currently have a Python script getting my values from my solivia delta inverter and uploading them to PVOutput every 5 minutes.
I have recently bought a thing called saveeye that sees the glimps in the 3 phase meter and transformes it into usage in watt almost instantly.
This device is connected to a server i dont have access to, but they do let you configurate a mqtt server where you can send your data to.
So the question is, what is the easyest way to get the data to PVOutput?
I do have a server running 24/7, so there is no problem for me to set up a mqtt server, and then receive the data there. But how do i make the Python script extract the needed data from mqtt?
Or is there any easyer way to do this??
My programmin skills are not very good, i can copy/paste and useally see the logic in what other people program. But i am not able to program on my own :slight_smile:

There are articles on how to set this up, but assumes you know a bit of coding -