PVOutputPro / PVOutput App - missing values

Hi all,

Have installed both apps on iOS, however I cannot get Voltage or Power Cons. to reflect in the app.

My PVOutput data is displaying the data for these values, except on the last update or two which I assume is why its not showing in the app.

I have used combinations of &delay=15 and 5min or 1 min Inverter/meter push commands in the Fronius settings, “Status Interval” and “Net delay” in PVO.

Does anyone know the trick to ensure all PVoutput values are showing for the last entry/refresh online?

Hope that make sense, thanks in advance.

I suppose another way of saying it

How do you hold off PVOutput displaying figures for a bit longer?
(hopefully delaying this will give it enough time to refresh when Power Cons and Voltage are available)

This cannot be controlled as data will combined and made available from different sources as they are uploaded. The app should be enhanced to display the last known voltage or temperature display.

Thanks @bankstownbloke I’ll message the developer. - cheers mate


I’ll message the developer

FWIW I have installed iOS PVoutputpro on my iPad, it does not function 100% like it does on a iPhone.

I contacted the developer who responded that he is aware of the issue but has no immediate plans to fix the problem.

So if you use iPhone you should be fine if you use iPad expect a few problems with the app.

Hi, I just download PVOutput Pro app version 1.4 on iPhone

Entered the API code done.

I got the error below

Forbidden 403: Exceeded 60 requests per hour ?


Hi mate, I think its the push intervals in the Fronius, if you have it set to 1minute, change it to 5.
Hopefully that fixes it