Pvoutput vs Enphase Envoy reporting


Hi Everyone, Need some help with connectiong Enphase envoy to Pvoutput. Have connected it yesterday, but seeing a difference in the output.
Can some please explain if what i am seeing is normal or is there some problem in my connection method.
See the 2 outputs. Enphase is reporting an output of the panels as 39.1 kWh where as Pvoutput is reporting an output of 28.654 kWh

Enphase output reportt https://ibb.co/51m4XH3

Pvoutput report https://ibb.co/bb2CrXt


This appears to be “normal” and for my site is resolved overnight. I believe that Enphase do not fully populate the day until some time in the night and pvoutput backfills this stuff OK.

This seems to have started last year but I have yet to see a day where it doesn’t correct itself within 24 hours.


It does not seem to update in my case. Maybe I am doing something wrong



PVOutput will record what Enphase reports to it at the time. There may be an extreme delay in the data being updated as there are many 10-minute gaps in the data on the Apr-10.

Re-querying Enphase API now shows the gaps being filled and the change in some values. When viewed on the current date are the values the same or different between the Enphase report and PVOutput?