PVOutput transferred from previous owner, no data has been generated since 2nd June


Hi guys.

I am new to PVOutput so apologies in advance if asking noob questions :slight_smile:

I have recently had a PVOutput account transfer of ownership when i purchased the house i am living in right now. When i checked “Your output” page its only showing data till 2 June 2017.

Any ideas why its not showing the latest data? All advice/suggestions/tips are welcome and appreciated in advance :slight_smile:


You would need to ask the previous owner how the data was uploaded.

The inverter is a Growatt so it likely to be using a script to upload running via laptop.


Correct, either a script on a laptop or a Raspberry PI. Unless it is using another monitoring system at the panel.


Sorry guys for the late reply. I didnt get any notification regarding the replies. probably need to turn it on somewhere.

Thanks for the advice provided. It might not be as easy to reach the previous owner .

If i was to set up the data upload myself via a script on a laptop what would be the process involved.

I am imagining i need to connect to the solar panel some way. My script would need to pick up data from panel and the upload data to PVOutput?

I do have programming background but would appreciate someone could guide me to some documentation or an example which can get me started :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


An example Growatt upload script below -



Another solutions are:




how did you know to transfer pvoutput? surely the other owner would of said what they were doing if you have somehow discussed it?