PVoutput supported by IoTaWatt


I wanted to inform the community that IoTaWatt has been supporting upload to PVoutput for a couple of months now, without incident. The documentation for configuring the PVoutput service in IoTaWatt’s browser based configuration app is here: http://docs.iotawatt.com/en/master/PVoutput.html. I’d like to have it added to the HELP documentation as a supporting device.

IoTaWatt will maintain live data at 5 minute intervals for both generation and consumption as well as voltage. It also supports using the additional six data items in donator mode. In the event of interruptions in communications or PVoutput service, all history for the interrupted period is uploaded when service is resumed.

IoTaWatt can monitor up to 14 circuits, any voltage, any frequency, single, split or three phase. http://iotawatt.com/


Thanks for putting this together.

A link has been added to the PVOutput documentation -