PVOutput stopped listening

My system, which has been working for more than a year very satisfactorily, stopped showing data on PVOutput.org on 4th january.

I use an always on PC to run the two PVOutput services, and i have changed nothing.

The file PVOutput.log shows valid readings being collected from the powerwall gateway.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can diagnose where the communication to the website is failing please?


Hi Simon, ,has you donation status run out a its 12 months almost o the day since you joined us Jim

i renewed the week before it ran out. my card was charged correctly so i know i paid and the status shows as a donator.

Can you ping pvoutput.org from the HOST PC. Is the time correct on the HOST PC? Any software / firmware updates to anything on your home network? Any firewall settings changed for any reason?

Does the software running on the PC log what happens when it tries to upload the data to PVOUTPUT? Any error messages?

Has the always ON PC been rebooted / restarted?

Check for any error messages in the pvoutput.log file under the logs folder of the service install.

There should be calls to addbatchstatus url for the data upload.

My thanks for the comments. Something i would never have expected…the system runs windows 7 (yes, I know - unfortunately I have some code I wrote for socket handling which will not work under Windows 10 and I will have to solve a different way). On January 4th, it somehow reset itself to the year 2000, not 2020. When I glanced at the date, I saw the day and month and missed the penultimate digit of the year was a zero not a 2.
As soon as I corrected the date it all fired back up.
The log files contain all the data for the period the data was being rejected. Is there a simple way if I edit the recorded dates from 2000 to 2020 to get the website to accept that missing data?

Only option would to be manually load the data in the PW0*.log files using the Live Loader.

The service ignores data older than a couple of days.

Ouch. OK, thank you.