PVOutput shows no values when uploading 0Wh

When my solar system is still producing 0W, then the Energy, Efficiency, Avarage and Normalised have no values showing a “-”, see screenshot

I check the value am sending V1=0 and V2=0 , but still pvoutput is showing it as a “-”

I thought first i was sending a wrong/ unknown value , but that is not the case

is that normal , or iam doing something wrong ?

After monitoring PVOutput , it looks like it is adding the missing info ( so adding a “0” on the place where a “-” was added
But when i check at the end of the day, i see the “-” again

I found out that i have to send 0.0 in stead of 0 at V1

so looks like it is solved

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im 99% sure I send 0 and its fine…

Just noticed one of my systems doesn’t send the 0 values but my other one does… will try sending as 0.0 and see what happens

Im uploading values from Home assist ( where the values of my smartmeter and solar inverter are logged)
first i used just 0
With a command something like this

&v1={{(states('solar_energy_produced _daily')|float * 1000)|round(0)}}

round(0) is uploading a 0 but then i had “-” at pvoutput ( when solar_energy_produced _daily = 0)
After that i tested round(1) so 0.0 then a value at pvoutput is 0

i also changed 1 day the 0 back . I see that “-” again

So it looks for me that round(1) works…

mine is to upload my water values…
trying to upload as 0 doesn’t work.
I tried 0.0 and that still didnt work…

i even tried 0.0001

now im thinking my script isn’t sending data if its 0 but then some times have 0 for both values so I don’t know

im uploading my gas consumption at V6( this is actually the voltage)

&v6={{ ( states('sensor.daily_gas')|float)|round(1) }}

When the value is still 0 then i have 0.0 at pvoutput

haha that’s a great idea using the v6 for something else if your not sending it for voltage.

ill have to do some debugging of my script to see what it sends and when to see if its my script playing up or pvoutput not accepting the values.

ok so checking my script if there was no values it wouldn’t upload anything…
I now have it sending 0 and it works fine…