Pvoutput should participate in Brave's BAT program

Suggestion: pvoutput should sign up as a Brave content creator, so you can receive Brave Attention Tokens (BAT). It’s an interesting way to use cryptocurrency to reward content creators. I’ve contributed BAT to pvoutput already, but pvoutput has to sign up to receive it.

The BAT system is configured by default to automatically apportion one’s monthly BAT according to the percentage of time a user spends on a website. Some users like me have pvoutput open all the time, which means that pvoutput would earn a significant portion of my monthly BAT.


Forgot to mention: yes BAT is a cryptocurrency, but you can convert to cash.

Looks like pvoutput signed up! You’ll definitely be getting a solid amount of my BAT:


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Thanks @mreimer bringing attention to this. The BAT model is a promising alternative to traditional online advertising.

I have PVOutput on 24/7. Do I have to use the Brave browser to enable the contribution? Do I assign the contribution?

Yes, you need to use Brave. If you do nothing, Brave will divide up the BAT you accumulate based on how much of your “attention” you spend on each website, or you can manually send a tip (see the screenshot below). I think they determine “attention” based on what percentage of time a given website is open in the browser, so if you have 5 tabs open for the whole period, each would get 20%. Or something like that.


Just signed up and PV output bookmarked. It is running (I am on the Brave Browser as I type.) I also enabled the autodonate feature. Since PVOutput will be the only open website on Brave, it should get 100% of the BAT. I’ll check on Dec 27 when the contribution date occurs.

I am trying to figure out how the contributions occur. Do you have to enable Ads contents in order to collect the BAT funds? Or will funds accumulate just because I am on a website?

Yes I think to earn BAT you have to enable Brave Rewards and enable ads. I have mine set for two ads/hour. A browser notification pops up in the corner of the screen, saying something like, “Amazon Black Friday deals” which will go away on its own, or you can click on it.

If you don’t want to mess with ads at all, you can purchase BAT to give out. I think to do that you have to set up a wallet somewhere.

This explains more how it works: https://brave.com/brave-rewards/

I don’t suppose there’s a way for our BAT contributions to count toward our Donator status? I don’t know if there’s a way for the recipient to know who donated. In the last year I’ve contributed ~150+ BAT, but you can’t just take your users’ word for it.

Unfortunately its not possible since the tips are designed to be anonymous.