PVOutput Push Alerts for Iphone

I noticed PVOUTPUT has an alert trigger that could be used to push an alert to a mobile phone.

Anyone implemented this? Any tips and tricks?

The alerts are just webhooks i.e. send the alert message to an external URL which the iphone application has to process.

I use the alert feature to remind me when I forget to plug in my car to charge. The car is set to start charging at 10:00pm, and if my consumption does not hit the -4,000 watt threshold for at least 15 minutes, I know it’s not charging.

PVoutput sends an email by about 10:30pm on days when triggered. I set up my phone with a special notification tone for just these emails, and I get the notification each time. Works great! (Forgot last night, in fact.)

Email received:



Sorry, where do I set URL for the webhook? I can receive e-mail but would like to have telegram notifications.

The webhook set via the Register Notification API