PVOutput page - Need to delete old system and add new one



We have moved from Sydney to Canberra and the new owners of the Sydney property do not want to use the PV Output web page.

I can not find where to delete “my” old system (Sydney) to make room for our new Canberra system.



all i did is in settings set up a new system and Decommissioned the old system
[its not possible to delete a system ) so maybe time to start supporting pvorg,
its like less than the cost of a coffee per month man


I tried that, but it appears that puts me over the “single system” limit and I need to start donating money.

I just want to get rid of the old system not somehow have two systems (one “deactivated” and one working).


It is not possible to delete systems, you will need to create a new account.


Ah OK.

Thanks very much but I think I’ll not worry and will just stick with the Inverters internal production / consumption stats, I’m not too worried about how my system is going compared to my neighbours.


sorry to see you go as everyone who posts there system here is helping others around them get a better system for themselves as they can see in the real world what type of system works were they live, not the sales hype most people get told,jim