PVOUTPUT Not Showing Full Enphase history for 3/29, about 3hrs behind


There are no settings to change.

Data is still in 5-minute intervals, the retrieval from Enphase has decreased from every 15-minutes to every 20-minutes.

This allows us to stay under the monthly request limit for all systems.


Looks like an authorization issue as Enphase is reporting -

  • Not authorized to access requested resource


Thanks done it again and now works. Cut and pasted it on the iphone at work so maybe it picked up something


OK BB, I left alone. Now I understand its your execution of the API limitaiton they are making it on. My systems started auto collecting again for 4/1 through the typical PVOUT api retrieval. Thanks for clarifying.


Okay thanks. For others if you want instructions on how to do this, check out an older post of mine: Backloading Enphase data from within the last week


My Enphase is now working again on PVOutput. It also backloaded the entire day of 31 March but not 30 March or the half day missing from noon on the 29th.
I’ll look into backloading the data from the Enlighten site manually.


If anyone would like to use it, I’ve got a simple Excel application that will download your data from Enphase for a specific date and then upload it to PVOutput. Here’s a link to the file -> Update_PVOutput.

It is a macro enabled spreadsheet but nothing is hidden. Enter your Enphase and PVOutput data on the Parameters sheet along with a date you want to update, click the Get Enphase Data button to download from Enphase and then click the Upload to PVOutput button to upload. The downloaded data is stored on the Enphase sheet so you can validate it before you upload if you want to.

Edit: I think I may need to change the sharing option on this file. I can’t do that until I get home. Should be fixed by 5pm PDT.

Edit 2: Link sharing updated. Anyone with the link should be able to view/download the file now.