Pvoutput integration service UPDATE

Quick question with hopefully a quick answer!
I have pvoutput integration service running (x7) and its run without problems for the last few years, I noticed today that there have been many updates since I installed it (I’m using version 1.4) and some are relevant to my equipment, so can I just download the latest version and run it to update ALL my instances or do I need to do 7 individual installs in a specific way.

The following steps should be performed for each install -

  • Backup lib\org.pvoutput.integration.jar in the current 1.4 install
  • Stop the service
  • Copy lib\org.pvoutput.integration.jar from the v1.5 zip to install folder, overwrite
  • Start the service

The pvoutput.log file should indicate near the top -

**** Starting PVOutput Integration Service v1.5.3.1

Thanks for the How Too, will give it a try