PVOutput data post not stable?

Hello! Has anybody experienced then problem where for part of day data uploads do not record “energy” field (but all other fields are recorded). And then suddenly it starts working again. I’m using PVOutput for four years and this problems started just now. Upload script is the same and I have made no changes to it. For example today (now) energy is zero. Yesterday it was working normally. Day before that started working normally afternoon.


Typical upload is like this (and has been always):

{‘d’: ‘20240607’, ‘t’: ‘12:04’, ‘v1’: 6640, ‘v2’: 2460, ‘v3’: 7170, ‘v4’: 360, ‘v6’: 53.3, ‘v7’: 4, ‘v8’: 39, ‘v9’: 3, ‘v10’: 0, ‘c1’: 1}

Thanks and greetings!

Hi @tomza123. I could be grasping at straws…

The upload string above includes ‘c1: 1’ which is described at API Specification — PVOutput documentation

With c1 = 1 the expected value(s) for v1 and v3 would be lifetime ENERGY values.

The v1 and v3 values in your string 6640 and 7170 ( in W hours ) appear to be quite low for lifetime values but not unreasonable for daily values. Has something recently reset the lifetime ENERGY counter of your system?