PVOuput.org and PVOutput app differ in total generated kWh

I have noticed that since November 23, the generated data (day total) of PVOutput app (V2.57 Android) and Pvoutput.org are different. Because the differences are marginal (<10 Watt) it is not a big problem.

However, before November 23, the production (generated) daily totals of the PVoutput app and PVoutput.org were exactly the same.

It is remarkable that there is no difference on the same day (total generated), but a day later pvoutput.org has been corrected

Now that the temperature is dropping (zero degrees Celsius) the differences (PV output app vs pvoutput.org) are getting bigger.

On the same day, as mentioned earlier, there is no difference. A day later there is more then 250 watt difference (total generated) on a sunny day.

Dec 16: In the app I changed the refresh rate (auto update) from default 10 to 5 minutes. No difference Dec 15, coincidence? Pvoutput.org totally generated has (still) the same value as the app a day later….

Can be many factors affecting this from the apps refresh rate to if it changes the source API data etc.

But if the results are the same after updates are complete the next day then it shouldn’t be cause for concern.


It turned out to be a coincidence (one day later the same generated output app and web). The differences remain, as mentioned before

Reason to start this thread is that before November 23 there were no differences (total generated) between the pvoutput app and web a day later.