PVO Power used with Solar meter and Power meter


I want know what the standard setup is for sending “power used” to PVO.

At 11:00 AM I’m producing: 900 Watt => from solar inverter
At 11:00 AM I get the following readings from my total house power meter:
Return: 600 Watt , Import: 0 Watt

With this information I know that the devices in my house (fridge / other standby devices ) use in total 300 Watt ( 900 - 600 )

Should I send this 300 Watt as v4 to PVO and v2 = 900 Watt or
V2 = 900 and V4 =0


v2 = Gross Generation
v4 = Gross Consumption


You can send net import/export but this requires two separate requests, the gross generation and the net import/export.