PVO is not retaining my USED POWER readings



I have just starting using PVO with my new solar install and am still figuring out the settings.
I have a Efergy Engage setup with 1 CT on each line coming into my electrical panel (PG&E has 2- 120v lines). And another set of CT’s (1 CT on L1 and 1 CT on L2 coming out of my SB 7.7 inverter). In the settings of PVO, I have consumption set to CT’s from PG&E minus CT’s from inverter. Generation is set to just use CT’s from inverter. It all works fine but at some point the “Power Used” data is erased and shows 0w and my “Power Used” line on the graph is 0w for the whole 24hrs. Attached is a copy of the 17th and how Efergy shows power used but PVO does not. Any ideas?

Problem with net power from Efergy

How is the data uploaded? If this via Add Status API, then something in the upload script is setting the 0W.


Thank you for the response. I’ve attached a screen shot of my settings.


Looks like my Power Used goes to 0W about 3 hours later. Was watching it disappear today :slight_smile: Any ideas?


The most likely cause is the PWER_GAC being subtracted from PWER is removing the spikes.

Try removing the subtraction.


I remove the subtraction, but now consumption will mirror the generation as the CT’s from Efergy are not directional, meaning when my solar is feeding back to the grid, Efergy shows that as consumption. The gap between light green and dark green is my true home consumption during the day.

I’m now thinking it has something to do with the download function every couple of hours that is meant to fill in any gaps in the 5 minute data!
The other weird thing is the mobile PVO app doesn’t delete the overnight and daytime consumption spikes unless you manual hit refresh 3 or more hours later. Then they disappear like on the main site.
So if I don’t hit refresh on the mobile app, all the stats look correct (consumption, generation, import, export…etc.)
Thanks for your help!


It would seem the PWER_GAC values reported by efergy is greater than consumption at each of the times where the consumption spike is shown - this will removing then when using ‘Subtract’


Not sure why this would be an issue overnight when PWER_GAC is not generating any energy?