PVmonitor guages - Displaying Efergy consumption meter


Long time user of PVoutput and found it was time to replace the old laptop which monitors my inverters, move to Windows 10 and tidy up a couple of configuration issues.
My question relates to the PVmonitor gauges which display on the laptop screen. I have up to now only been able to display Inverter Yield (power output from each inverter added) and a custom gauge for each inverter. I would like to add my consumption system which will then allow the Feed-In gauge to operate.
My consumption meter is an Efergy Engage Hub which uploads directly to the Efergy website and then to PVoutput.
I can not see any setting in PVBC which allows the data to be imported (from PVoutput or Effergy) so an Event can be emitted to the PVmonitor gauges. Is this even possible?
System ID’s; Consumption 40402, Inverter 1 16616, Inverter 2 24595, Combined inverters 33762


PVBC support seems to have ceased, but it would only have access to inverter data it uploads.


Ok, thanks for the reply BB. I’ll make do with what I already have. Its a pity really, as the PVmonitor gauges are a really useful feature which gives 6 second updates of what my system is generating directly onto the screen of an old laptop in the kitchen.
I guess of i had chosen to use Current Cost or any other energy consumption meter that plugs directly into my monitoring PC (rather than Efergy uploading to a cloud), then that would have allowed PVBC to gather consumption data for the gauges and calculate instant feed in power.