PV with 2 Inverters QCells+Fronius


I have a new PV system with 2 inverters. The system will soon go into operation and I would like an app and online access where I can combine both yields and what I use and read off individually.

this is all new to me and so I have the question of whether these two systems can be added?

I have a Fronius Symo 6.0-3-M and a QCells Q.Home+ ESS Hyb-G2 with 13kWh batterie

I am all new to the topic, so sorry if this is allready be postet.

Use the Fronius Push feature to send data from the inverter to PVOutput -

Multiple child systems may be aggregated into a ‘Parent’ system representing the total. However, this is a donation feature.

Thanks, the Fronius inverter isn´t realy my problem.
I want my QCells inverter pushing to pvoutput.org is this possible?

Probably not possible unless they offer an API to extract or push data like the Fronius.

I did write a request to QCells and did ask if they offer an API.
Will give feedback if its possible