PV output service rebuild


I have a couple of issues which I’m trying to resolve with the PVOutput integration java solution. To do this I need to rebuild the code, but without a framework I’m getting all kinds of errors in eclipse and I’m not sufficiently familiar with building java classes to resolve this.

First, my login for the FTP requires an email address. so the login is name@domain.com and then a password.

The logic for name extraction for FTP in the PVOutput service is broken by having a second @ in the login name.

I can easily adjust the code, but am having trouble recompiling the class to update the jar file.

The second issue is that I have only 1 data file, and it contains both solar and consumption, so for this, again, I can easily adjust the data reader to calculate energy, and map consumption to the uploader, however still getting stuck on building the java.

I’m planning to use a Raspberry pi to download via FTP from where my controller uploads it’s data.
it uploads the following:

date, time, solar_watts, consumption_watts.
2022/05/23, 09:30,140, 700
there is no energy output, just instant power, at 5min intervals.

If anyone has a working way to build/rebuild (a make file maybe?) that will rebuild the code, then I can use my adjustments to resolve the two issues.

I just need to rebuild this beast.

ps: should also mention that the current PV output solution REQUIRES energy in the solar generation output file, so my file not having this also breaks the usage. a few coding adjustments are all that i need to resolve :slight_smile:


What is the error in eclipse?

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Hi bankstownbloke,

I’m a total newbie with eclipse. perhaps if someone has some instructions, I could get it to do it’s thing.

right now i’ve created a new java project, and then pointed to the source files.
upon trying to build the project, I’m seeing 100’s of error messages.

AbstractHandler cannot be resolved to a type on lines of code such as

public class ConfigurationPageHandler extends AbstractHandler

at the start of the function.

Perhaps someone already has some instructions on the right way to build this either in linux or eclipse.


Would really help

Just a thought, if I sent you my modified code, would you be able to compile it?

You’ll need to create a new project called org.pvoutput and add all the *.java source files under the org.pvoutput.integration path/folders into the project.

Those errors are appearing because the source files are missing.


All the referenced *.jar files under the lib folder need to be added to the project build path also.

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Sorry, this isn’t possible.

Thanks, will give it a shot!!