PV Import Figures matching Consumption

As of 31 May 2022 without any changes to anything for any of my power monitoring, my consumption and import figures have started to match 1 to 1.
Import used to work nicely for the past 5 years as a net total. Credit then also is wrong as if 100% was exported
Have there been changes recently that require us now to go through again and re-setup all the system settings?

how are you uploading the data to pvoutout? what figures are you uploading to? v1,v2,v3,v4?
is that data correct?
is it net metered or gross?

I feel like its a net metering flag set on your upload that is gross metered. as it looks like its showing as exporting everything you generate and importing all of your consumption

Check that there is a coverage for a tariff plan from June 1st.

Use the “Check Plans” button to check for missing dates.


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Thanks so much for you help, sorry for my late reply.
Yes it was the Plans missing dates, I hadn’t used this prior and was doing some testing. Did not realise that I would have that impact, to the import vs gen figures, I get the cost part.