Pushing the Trannergy Inverter temp?


Not sure if this is possible?

My 'ole Trannergy pushes its data every 15min to log.trannergy.com which then pushes it to pvoutput, it works fine logging Generation and AC voltage.

I also have a WU weather station in my backyard pushing ambient temp to pvoutput.

My question is whether I can push the inverters temp being registered on log.trannergy.com to pvoutput?


you should be able to in the extended data fields of pvo


here is a link to the Tannergy site for communications with your inverter via RS232 or WIFI.

Communications is addressed on pages 26 and following. Be aware that a WIFI connection requires modifications to your inverter by Tannergy. You will also need software to interface with the connection in order to get data out of the inverter and send it to PVOutput.
PVOutput does not support data from your inverter so you will need to find a way to read the logged data and upload it to PVOutput.org using the PVOutput API.