Push ftp of previous days xml to PVO? Please Help

I have a Sunny Webbox which I push xml to PVO. I was having issues with my router which I think was caused by DNS settings. I have since downloaded the missing days and tried to send them to PVO via a FTP program but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help out please? I’m sure it’s something simple but I cannot work it out. From what I can see the auto uploaded won’t accept xml files especially as these are all zipped in 5min times

The FTP server only accepts the zip files and automatically extracts the relevant xml files for processing.

Thanks for getting in contact. I have tried dumping them to the PVO FTP server but nothing happens. These are in the xml in zip folders straight from my webbox. Am I doing it wrong?

I still can’t get them to be read, they just disappear when I put them there

Check that the zip contains xml files with <MeanPublic> elements, the service generally ignores other files.

It will also check the modification timestamp of the xml file inside the zip, to workaround this edit/touch the file to change the modification timestamp and re-added to the zip file.