Pulse Meter for net metering


Im looking for a pulse meter for single phase that can record the import power only via pulses. as my setup would be net metered and my ct clamps just records a mess.
the position of the solar inverter means its hooked up within a sub board so i can’t have it wired any other way.

So im looking for a meter than can record pulses on the import only.

or is there another way around it?

i found this but i really don’t know how the pulse part works and unsure of quality.


I have a 2 Pulse meters for Solar and Consumption.
These are on the DIN rail in my meter box.
They can be read manually but I have them both connected to the Pulse inputs on my Flukso where they report directly to Pvoutput.
PVoutput give me the import difference.
I got them from www.schnap.com.au ($40)

They have a few diff kinds