Production Credit AND Net Credit

I have a bit of a strange situation with my utility where I have a net metering agreement as well as a production credit. I pay $0.12/kWh for net power used and get paid $0.12/kWh for net power produced. Additionally, I have a separate utility production meter that credits me $0.07/kWh produced regardless of usage.

For example, lets say its mid-day and I’m using 1000W while producing 1500W over 3 hours.
The total credit from my utility company for this period would be $0.18 for the net metering (1.5kWh net) and $0.32 (4.5kWh produced) for the production credit.

Is it possible to configure this calculation in PVOutput?

The supported tariff models are listed below.

While it is possible mix net and gross on either the production or consumption, it isn’t possible to have both a net and gross on both the production side.

Bummer - I guess I’ll just set it to net and calculate the gross production credit myself. Thanks!