Problems with uploading live data (through form)



I realized that the data for the 9th and 10th of may has been uploaded with errors by my script, so I deleted them, “repaired” and tried to upload through the form (Upload live data) as I have been doing it few times before.

But today it did not work, although after clicking on “validate” everything was ok and I got the message that the data would be added within 2-3 minutes.

What is the reason?

This is the pv system:

Thank you


I find it can take a few seconds to a few minutes to update. Is it still not updated?
Maybe try again.
Also i thought there was some sort of limit for how long you could back you could update live data


I have donated, so the limit should have been prolonged… it is only 9 days back… and does not work:(


Data for the 9th and 10th were loaded into a different system under your account -

Check that system Beelitz has been selected on the loading page.



Thank you! Great you found out, this is my mistake, but I tried several times and could not find any problem… I simply went into „Beelitz“, then chose load live, - and didn’t check the right system:(

Is there any possibility to get and load the old data? Maybe a backup?
I don’t know if if will be able to recover it from my pc…

Thank you!


You can download the data from 66645 and upload to the correct system.


Thank you, bankstownbloke, but my question was if there is any backup of 66645 I could use to recover the data I deleted by loading false ones into 66645…


Unfortunately no.