Problems with SMA upload to Domoticz

I have a SunnyBoy 3.6 inverter from SMA. I am uploading successfully (WiFi to Raspberry Pi 3+) using SBFspot. I can read and plot the data without problem using a Python script and SQLite. The values agree with those from SunnyPortal.
I have installed Domoticz on my Pi and set up a “hardware” item of type “SBFSpot(SMA)”. This linked to the location of the SQL database.

When I set up a device in Domoticz based on this, it shows six items: Volt uac 1; Efficiency; Hz; BT_Signal; Temperature and “MyPlant” (the name of my installation), of subtype kWh.

I added the last item to my dashboard and when I click the lightning-bolt symbol (energy?) on the MyPlant widget I see 4 plots for Day, Week, Month and Year. The Day plot purports to show “Energy usage” and “Power usage” with two separate y-axes. The x-axis starts at around 11:00 and Energy usage is a single bar which corresponds to the total output since installation. Power usage is a line plot which starts just after 12:00, whereas the inverter output starts much earlier. While there is some resemblance to the rest of the output, it is not very close.

The database also includes separate tables with monthly data, but I don’t seem to be able to access these.
( As a new user I was not allowed to upload a second image with the inverter output).

Can anybody please help me?