Problems uploading to PVOutput

I’m struggling to get my system reconnected to PVOutput after an inverter change and system upgrade. Now using Home Assistant to upload the data.

The example below shows the data I believe I’m sending together with the result in PVOutput (System ID 81877)

V2 is Power Generation (W) (pv_power)
V4 is Power Consumption (W) (load_power)
V6 is is Voltage (V) (grid_voltage)

Data uploaded :
payload: “d=20240602&t=11:55&v2=378.0&v4=1297.0&v6=240.0&n=1”

PVOutput Daily :

Any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong would be appreciated.

my HA payload for REST command

    payload: 'd={{as_local(now()).strftime("%Y%m%d&t=%H:%M")}}&v1={{states.sensor.yield_energy_wh.state|float(0)|round(0)}}&v2={{states.sensor.modbus_power_c.state|float(0)}}&v3={{states.sensor.grid_consumption_energy_wh.state|float(0)|round(0)}}&v4={{states.sensor.load_power.state|float(0)|round(0)}}&v6={{states.sensor.modbus_voltage_a.state|float(0)}}&c1=1'

I got no idea but would removing the &n=1 fix it? since your providing live values…
can you send V1 and V3 instead?

Remove “&n=1” if you’re not uploading Net data.