Problems after installation

Hi all,

For the sake of being neutral, I haven’t mentioned names of the companies as I might be dealing with them through fair trading. (NSW-Australia)

Just wanted to confirm some issues I have with my setup.
The setup is with the below.
25 x Trina 370W panels
25x Solaredge P401 optimisers
1 x SE8000H Inverter
1 x Solaredge modbus

Problem is

  1. I feel like the installers haven’t properly configured the SolarEdge monitoring platform. From what I know there are 2 strings in parallel connected to the inverter. (As per the installer’s notes). On the monitoring platform, they have provided me access to the installer’s account (asking me to set everything up) They have configured some items up but not everything.
    See images here
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet – All the optimisers/panels are in 1 string. They have mentioned this is not possible on the inverter to display 2 strings separately.

  2. They have not set up the physical layout of the installation, I do not know which panel on the roof are linked to which serial numbers/optimisers.

  3. They have mentioned that the net consumption meter and reading require the smart meter to be installed by my energy retailer. I remember them upselling me the Modbus during the purchasing phase mentioning this is all you need to see consumption/generation.

  4. There is an issue where the inverter sometimes switches off automatically. They blame this on the smart meter not being installed yet. (Is this correct? image here, note time of posting is the 12th of March. It hasn’t been operational since the 10th. As far as I know, no one has switched off the inverter manually. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I would love any assistance to know if I’m being paranoid about any items here and whether it’s my responsibility to get these items sorted myself. I have tried to ring SolarEdge but their return emails takes weeks.