Problem with status addition - fixed!


I love PVOutput, and want to switch to it also for energy consumption and some temperature monitoring.

But: as I see something is being put through the addstatus API that seems strange.

Do you have any possibility to check why the temperatures sometimes are so strane (have the same values for each variable)? I could check then if it is my device that has some bugs when uploading data, or anything else. I am so sorry I cannot check it on the device as this is a simple IoT controller.

Thank you!

Here is the graphs you can see the problems.

The easiest place to check this would be the IoT device itself (or before you upload data) (maybe if you detect if you get the exact same reading after 5 reads).

If you can’t do that, then you could periodically poll data from PVOutput and check to see if you have multiple readings that are exactly the same. I don’t think this is a problem with PVOutput as I can upload temperature data just fine. I think you need a better way of debugging the data before it goes to PVOutput. What devices are you using to upload data?


I use /it has multiple options, but I can’t see e.g. trhrough terminal what it is exactly doing. When looking at the data it shows everything seems ok, but some posts to PVOUTPUT seem to be corrupt.

Strangely, the same data put through MQTT protocol to a different server seem to be OK.

This is why I think sth. on PVOUTPUT side is not working fully OK, and I would love to get some information on it, if possible.

That is why I thought we could examine what exactly this device is transmitting through http…


It was too easy:) The problem was, the temperature from Openweathermap was “interacting”.
I simply diabled the automatic upload, and use my sensors.