Problem with Power value on detailed day/interval tabulation


Hi - I’m a complete newbie to this site. I’ve just connected my solar unit to the site, and I’m getting detailed data uploaded. However, I don’t understand one of the values being reported. There appears to be two Power values displayed - Power and Average Power. I understand the meaning of these terms - I’m an Electrical Engineer - I get a display showing the Power term as being usually less than 1/10th of the Average Power term for each 10 minute display interval. It’s not consistently 1/10th, sometimes as little as 1/20th. The Average Power value agrees with the Energy values. Can anyone suggest what I’m missing here? Thanks.


Average power is calculated from energy and should be close to power.

If there is a large difference with power then the power values uploaded are incorrect.


I’m using PVBeancounter to monitor my PV system. I’ve finally managed to work out how to read the native SQLite database that holds the monitored readings that are then passed up to PVOutput. It appears that the dodgy readings are coming from the monitoring software. So either the inverter is holding the data in some weird format or I’m missing a step in setting up the monitoring software. Is anyone familiar with PVBeancounter? (Which is unfortunately is no longer supported)