Problem with net power from Efergy


I have an Efergy system. It has two sensors. One is just solar, the other is consumption. Consumption goes up with solar output indicating that I am measurting energy back to the grid as consumption. I have the tarifs set to net also the solar to subtract from consumption. Yet I still have the problem. Anyone have a solution?


Why is the solar sensor subtracted from the consumption sensor.

The values recorded/graphed are gross - the consumption/generation values are always positive.


When the solar is producing it is either used or outputted to the grid. If solar is greater than consumption then consumtion should record as zero. I have both consumption and solar on “net” while the solar is “subtracted” from consumption in the settings but this is not happening. THis is a reply to bankstown bloke.


Taking a close look at this, the 5-minute query to Efergy is subtracting the solar from consumption as configured.

However, there is a ‘history’ feature that downloads all the data in the last 24-hours every few hours to fill in any missing data from Efergy, it looks like it does not support subtracting the sensors at the moment and is overwriting the subtracted results.

The history download feature will be updated to support the subtract configuration.

Note that when solar is greater than the sensor consumption the resulting consumption on PVOutput will be recorded as 0W.


This makes sense to me - will try and correct it.


I am told this is a glitch in the system and so cannot be fixed in the settings. Is this true?


The change is to PVOutput Efergy Auto Uploader to support the Subtract setting, this topic will be updated when it is available.


This change is currently in testing, with the current subtract setting (consumption = PWER - PWER_SUB) used on the system the consumption graph will look like the below for 01/May -

Consumption result will hit 0W when generation sensor (PWER_SUB) exceeds consumption sensor (PWER)

Current consumption graph -


The Substract setting is now working correctly with Efergy.

Thanks for reporting this.


All looks good now!


Do you think this maybe related to my current problem? PVO is not retaining my USED POWER readings