Problem with addbatchstatus


I am consolidating data from PG&E and Sunrun manually, and then submitting data (hourly readings) using batch api ( addbatchstatus.jsp ) .I get energy used and energy produced which I use to generate the data points.

Since I collect data every few days, my data points will be more than 30. So I am batching the requests in set of 30 each to send. (about 4-5 total number of requets).
I don’t get any error (response indicates 1 as accepted for data points, as below) , however data is not showing up in pvoutput.
what am I doing wrong ? Is addbatchstatus.jsp right api to use to send hourly data ? Is there a different format I need to use ?

My requests are formatted such –


Tried adding -1 too


Still data doesn’t show up.
Here is responses I get



i am answering my own question. I found that the both generation and consumption data needs to be cumulative. i.e. data needs to be added upto that time of day starting at 0 hours.
in simpler terms, if your production is 1 unit each hour of day, then you need to send data as such

  1. 00 hours - 1 unit
  2. 01 hours - 2 units
  3. 02 hours - 3 units
  4. 03 hours - 4 units

    and so on…
    same for consumption.