Problem showing production and consumption from Enphase Envoy S Metered

Hi all, last week I added my Enphase Envoy S Metered to PVoutput via Enlighten API. I have set Direction to Both and Poll Interval to 60. Unfortunately only some of the time both Production and Consumption are shown in the graphs. Usually it stops working after a little while. Sometimes it show both directions when I set it to Consumption only. Strange behaviour? I noticed the work-around from August 2017 stating I could make two configs with identical API settings, one for Consumption and one for Production. Is this still needed four years later, or is there any other setting I could use to get the Both Direction option working properly? Thanks for your time and suggestions!
Any other best practices for setting up the Enphase profiles are also welcome.

Use Primary (Solar) and Secondary (Consumption) instead of ‘Both’

See -

Great @bankstownbloke ! Thanks for the tip. I have tried setting it up, and I think it is working now.
Thanks for the help!