Problem displaying production data


I’m a new user. After registering I entered the data of my system using the key of my solaredge profile but I can not get to see the production data.
can you help me please? there is a practical and synthetic guide to reach this goal?
Thanks for your help.




Thanks for your help

I try but I have this problem:

HTTP Status 403
type Status report
description Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden.



If you are referring to

This means the solaredge site-id or api-key is not correct.

Solaredge support will be able to help you with this information.


You can find the proper site-id and api-key by going to the monitoring site and login. Click on the cogwheels and then on the tab labeled “site access” then look at the third window labeled “API access”. You will find the encessare ID info there. You will also find a link explaining the API.
Here are specifics about errors:
Usage Limitations
Usage limitations are enforced to prevent abuse of the monitoring server API, and these limitations may be changed in the
future without notice. Additionally, a request rate limit is applied to prevent abuse of the service. If you exceed the limitations, an error message appears in the monitoring server API. If the limitation is further exceeded, the system may temporarily be nonoperational, or your access to the monitoring server API may be blocked.

Specific API Usage Limitations
Specific APIs may enforce different usage limitations based on parameters sent by the client. Refer to the next sections for
details on specific API usage limitations.
If there is a violation of a specific API validation, the HTTP 403 – forbidden status code is returned.

Daily Limitation
Use of the monitoring server API is subject to a query limit of 300 requests for a specific account token and a parallel query limitof 300 requests for each specific site ID from the same source IP.

APIs that do not have a specific ID (e.g. Site List, Account List) will be counted as part of the account query limit.
Any additional site or account level request will result in HTTP 429 error – too many requests.

Concurrency Limitation
The monitoring server API allows up to 3 concurrent API calls from the same source IP. Any additional concurrent calls will return HTTP 429 error – too many requests.

To execute APIs concurrently without exceeding the above limitation, it is the client responsibility to implement a throttling mechanism on the client side.