Problem adding a new system

I have seemingly struck the max 10 systems limit. I did not know there was such a limit so I tried and tried to add a new system, it just did not happen. Error message “Sorry, you can have only 10 systems” would have saved me a couple of hours.

So I have 10 systems, 4 of them are decommissioned and can be deleted. I need to add 1 new system. According to support forum posts deleting a system is not possible and deleting of all data of system is not possible either.

Would someone help me please and tell what are the options of adding a new system in this case or at least deleting all historic data of old system and using that for new data.

Thank you beforehand

Best to pick a decommissioned with the least amount of data, delete its daily data then activate this as the new system.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have data since 2014 in the system I would like to clear. Piking the days by 10 and then deleting and then repeating and repeating and repeating… seems just unreasonably time consuming for such a simple task. Or is it really the only possible solution?

I have a few test ones I created that I wanted to get rid of
my thought was to transfer to a new owner. but the downside is creating a new user (throw away account) to transfer to required the new user to be a donating member. I still have a few slots left so never bothered.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Just do not understand why there is not an option to delete a system or at least delete it’s all data in a one go. That is really weird indeed.

Other than that I am really pleased with pvoutput service. I’ve been subscriber for 9 years and this is the first time I encounter a serious problem. So far the service has been “set and forget”. Absolutely brilliant.

It may be a possibility in the future, feel free to add this as a new ‘idea’ topic.